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This firm was born in 1957 as a little factory in underwear, and constantly increased amplifying always more and more its production system and the line of articles offered on the market.

As years go by, it gained the confiance of its numerous customers, always affectionate, for its reliability and efficiency, that are some of the most salient characteristics of this firm.

Its products are well - known and well -appreciated all over Italy and abroad, and the wide range of articles, from the classic to the fashionable ones, are worn by men, women and children of every age and with any need.

The customer' s satisfaction is one of the aims of this firm which proposes itself on the market with articles of very good quality and with its three always up-to-date collections: the classic collection, the summer collection and the winter collection.

The season collections are renewed every year, for being always in step with fashion and with market requests, without disregarding the elegancy and the praticality of the articles, and keeping a high quality product.

The classic collection, on the contrary, offers traditional, simple, elegant articles, which never go out of fashion, because the quality, the simplicity and the comfort never age.

To the care in the production of the articles must be added the attention that follows the products until it reaches the customer : in fact the quickness and the precision in deliveries are another point of strenght of this firm, which commits itself completely to satisfy its esteemed custom, as the satisfaction of its client is its satisfaction and pleasure.

Maglificio Henri s.p.a.
Via Vittorio Veneto, 92
21015 Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
P.IVA e CF. IT01214630129
Tel: +39 0331 301448
Fax: +39 0331 301616
Email: info@henri.it
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